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Let’s get Real. The world is growing larger and more complex, and the value of really understanding its people is growing with it. We’re here to deliver Real. insight about the most important emerging consumer community in the world.

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Welcome to Real.

We’re a shiny, new-school cultural insight and innovation company based in Cairo. Our feet are in the Middle East, but our head is in the West.

We serve real, on-the-ground insight into the lives and experiences of this emerging (and highly desirable) consumer community on tap to the brands that want to reach them. With our disruptive thinking and leading-edge methods, from deep social digging to full VR immersion, we can literally plop you down in a consumer’s living-room. But we draw the line at the bathroom.

At Real., we’re authentic to the core, right down to our methodologies and how we relate to our clients. The result is Real. Insight, Real. Advantage and Real. Inspiration to go out and make an impact.

Come to us with your biggest pie-in-the-sky fantasies and we’ll help you chart a path to the stars. Just know, if there’s something we can’t pull off, we’ll tell you. We #KeepItReal.

What we offer:

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(+20) 1212122225

Cairo - Egypt

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